Thankful Mothers and Staff

Thanks to everyone who contributes to One Mother to Another. Here’s a few notes we’ve received lately which inspires us to do what we do.

The earrings that were in the pack I now wear often. I call them my blessing earrings because they remind me how blessed I am to have a NICU unit in my home town, and how blessed I was to only have Kenzie in there for 2 weeks. And once I’ve remembered that, I start remembering all the other ways that I am blessed. They have helped save my sanity on more than one occasion. So thank you, more than I can say. Xx


I just received a pack of yours in NICU. I’m a new mum with my twins and not certain how much longer they will be there. I can now understand the powerful love for your own children that sweeps over and to have to leave them behind each night is the hardest thing I have done my whole life. Your gift was huge. I felt very loved and blessed by your bag of goodies. The letter and magnet with words of encouragement most of all! I thank you from the bottom of my heart. This means so much in this time. My humble thank you again.


The Neonatal Service at Christchurch Women’s Hospital would like to express our utmost thanks for your very kind donation of the pamper packs for the mothers with babies under our care. These packs of goodies bring a smile to the faces of our mothers who spend many weeks with their precious baby in hospital… I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the various companies and individuals that have already and continue to donate such treats


Recently my youngest baby was sick and with two toddlers at home, the idea of a sick baby and hospital stay was incredibly stressful. I was absolutely blown away when our nurse handed me a gift bag! Inside we’re treats and practical items which made me feel so cared about! I went from feeling an absolute mess with worry about my girl, to feeling humbled and joyful that people cared enough to recognise the strain that sickness has on parents. The bag truly was like sunshine in a very cloudy day. Bless you guys heaps xx


We were given the loveliest pack make by you when we got to hospital! Such a lovely thing amidst crazy times. Thank you, thank you so much


Just wanted to say what an amazing thing you are doing with the one mother to another are packages. Our wee Henry who was born this week isn’t well at the moment and watching the emergency team rush in to work on him when his heart rate was low and dropping was terrifying. When I got back to my room to express milk for him as he’s on a tube there was a lovely package sitting there for me and a nurse popped on to say she thought I needed it. Honestly it was so lovely and was a little bit of sunshine on what has been a horrible day ??


Unfortunately I ended up in hospital with my youngest for monitoring because he had a raging fever that just wouldn’t break. After telling the nurse he was the last of my four children to get the chicken pox (which got worse and worse with each child), she came back with a care package from “One Mother to Another.” I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. I felt really loved and blessed. It definitely put a smile on my face. Exploring the gifts inside my goodie bag gave me respite from the crazy that was my world. I even opened the lip balm and put some on. When your kids are sick your world revolves around them. It was really nice to have something for me


As a mother who has had two children spend time in the CAA ward i received one of these lovely gift packs a few weeks back. I was so tired, stressed and upset and when the nurse brought it in to me in the middle of the night once my baby had finally gone to sleep I read the beautiful handwritten note and saw the lovely goodies and just cried knowing that people understood what I was feeling. It’s simply a wonderful touching gesture. Thank you!

The packs continue to be very well received; both by the staff giving them out and the mothers receiving them. One new mother cried when she was given one. Tears of appreciation of course.