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What we do

Care, Connection, Community.

One Mother to Another is an award-winning charity which through the simple act of gift giving, cares for and empowers parents and whānau in hospital with a sick child, as well as mothers who are going through their own health journey while juggling motherhood.

We provide over 5,000 care packages a year to mums and carers across the South Island. Our aim is to comfort and support whānau in a particularly vulnerable time.

 “It definitely lifted my spirits and gave me the strength I needed to be there and strong for my daughter.” – Esther

5,000+ packs each year

420+ packs per month

8 Hospitals & 3 Community Organisations

18 Hospital Wards & Community Organisations

Stories from some very special mothers who have received a care pack…

Each gift bag is slightly different but has 3 purposes – to provide…

Practical help

In each pack we include items to make a hospital stay more comfortable, such as toiletries, tea and coffee, a snack and chocolate all ensure a parent or carer does not have to leave their child’s side. Packs also include our unique gratitude journal which has been designed to help with mental wellbeing in the hospital setting.


We want mums and carers to feel special, loved, appreciated and cared for. Both founders spent time in hospital with their young children so they know the vulnerabilities of this time. We want our packs to make people feel valued, seen and understood. Each pack contains a handwritten note of encouragement and a handmade crocheted heart.

Something special

We know that in most cases mums and carers put other’s needs ahead of their own. We take pride and joy in adding some beautiful ‘treat’ items in each pack, including one or more gifts ranging from earrings to beauty products. We want to spoil the recipient in a small way and we know these luxuries are greatly appreciated.

  “It brought tears to my eyes. At a time where I thought things couldn’t get any worse, there was a little light at the end of the tunnel.” – Mum

 “These are so so much more than a gift bag” – Jess

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How You

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Sometimes the simplest gestures of kindness can be the most effective. I believe One Mother to Another encompasses the Māori saying “Aroha atu, Aroha mai – Love given, Love returned”. Former Governor-General, Sir Jerry Mateparae, Patron

What people say

Recently my youngest baby was sick and with two toddlers at home, the idea of a sick baby and hospital stay was incredibly stressful. I was absolutely blown away when our nurse handed me a gift bag! Inside we’re treats and practical items which made me feel so cared about! I went from feeling an absolute mess with worry about my girl, to feeling humbled and joyful that people cared enough to recognise the strain that sickness has on parents. The bag truly was like sunshine in a very cloudy day. Bless you guys heaps xx

It’s a lovely thing to acknowledge the impact these environments can have on mums and something little like this just helps us to give a little self care and feel special.

Our Purpose:
Through the simple act of gift giving, we care for and empower parents and whānau with sick babies and children.

From One Mother To Another

1 day 2 hours ago

💜💜Feedback Friday💜💜 "Thank you so much for the work you do. Received this lovely bag of goodies at 2am after a long day in emergency

From One Mother To Another

2 days 11 hours ago

We are so lucky to have had the honour of having some beautiful poems by Jess Urlichs in our newly published Gratitude Journal. She received

From One Mother To Another

5 days 3 hours ago

Our February packs are in wards now and are FILLED with these amazing products. Thank you to our sponsors who help make these packs possible.

From One Mother To Another

1 week 1 day ago

💜Feedback Friday💜 "I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful, filled with thought and support gift you have given me, when I was in hospital

From One Mother To Another

1 week 4 days ago

WE NEED YOUR INPUT We want to send some extra encouragement to the Mums that will this year spend Mother’s Day in hospital (yes we

From One Mother To Another

1 week 6 days ago

A HUGE thank you to our amazing friends at STAEDTLER for their continued support of One Mother to Another! These pencils go perfectly with our

From One Mother To Another

2 weeks 1 day ago

Feedback Friday “I just wanted to write in and say a massive Thank you for the wonderful bag of goodies that was waiting for me

From One Mother To Another

2 weeks 3 days ago

Our gorgeous packing day volunteers! It’s our first packing day for the year tomorrow and we can’t wait to see all their smiling faces and

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